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Kick-Off Meeting

Identify Key Personnel
  • Establish which Team Members are
    responsible for specific activities
  • Produce a Team Directory
  • Establish Cost/Schedule Procedures
  • Define Project Budget
  • Establish process to execute
    procedural changes
  • Define project schedule
  • Establish Critical Requirements
  • Identify long lead time materials
  • Determine point of substantial
  • Identify regulatory requirements

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    Value Engineering

    Conduct Design Team Meetings
  • Weekly meetings to ensure all Team
    Members are aware of project progress
  • Develop Conceptual Estimate
  • Establish unit quantities/amounts
  • Illustrate where/how fluctuations
    might occur
  • Suggest Cost Effective Alternatives
  • Determine cost effectiveness of
    substitute materials
  • Determine integrity of substituted
    items; intent of item and quality
  • Determine best time to purchase
    enabling maximum discount

  • Scheduling

    Develop Preliminary Schedule
  • Determine the critical path
  • Establish timeline for Architects and
  • Establish timeline for Owner's decisions
  • Identify Long Lead Time Materials
  • Determine optimal time for purchasing
  • Ensure they do not impact schedule
  • Pre-purchase if necessary
  • Identify All Regulatory Requirements
  • Process all government forms/apps
  • Identify and special permits necessary
  • Identify any building requirements
  • Recommend Time Saving Options
  • Determine what projects can proceed