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Quality Control

  • Install qualified, experienced Field Staff
  • Coordinate regulatory scheduled
    project meetings
  • Review and process all submittals and
  • Monitor contractors on a daily basis
  • Perform daily site inspections

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  • Cost Control

    Establish Working Budget
  • Provide cost control procedure to
    enable close tracking of project costs
  • Establish Procurement Procedures
  • Determine billing format
  • Determine pre-purchase requirements
  • Identify any purchase discounts
  • Determine Payment Schedule
  • Establish percentage of billable work
  • Determine timeline of cash flow
  • Enable client to project financial

  • Project Close-Out

    Prepare and Complete Punch List
  • Coordinate with Architect to review work
  • Assign and monitor contractors
  • Ensure space is turned over on time
  • Prepare "As-Built" Drawings
  • Collect all approved drawings, warranties
    and instruction/operating manuals
  • Coordinate/Obtain Final Approvals
  • Confirm appropriate agencies perform
    required inspections
  • Confirm all work is to "building standard"
  • Confirm all Safety & Security systems
    operate according to design
  • Assemble All Waivers of Lien
  • Collect final Waivers from contractors
    prior to releasing final payment